Caring for our Creation Group (formerly Laudato Si)

We are a new Saint Miriam small group, born of our desire to put the principles in Pope Francis’ encyclical, LAUDATO SI, On Care for Our Common Home, into action in our parish.  As a Franciscan parish, our fundamental belief is in keeping our covenant with the Creator: to be good stewards of our planet and to protect every living thing that inhabits it.

We hope to nurture in the parish a sense of spiritual unity with the natural world. Through our readings, we will examine how human activities impact the planet and its myriad of species, and how these activities can affect the fragile balance of life on the earth.

We also recognize that detrimental changes in the environment disproportionately affect the poor, and contribute to hunger, migration, and conflict around the globe.

Beginning with our Earth Day Mass, we will offer prayer, song, and suggested actions. Watch for the biweekly insert in the bulletin with simple steps each of us can take to help conserve our precious resources. Learn more about this small group by clicking here!