Lent 2017 at Saint Miriam!

Get ready for a different kind of Lent this year! Believe it or not,  it is almost Lent and Saint Miriam has many wonderful opportunities to deepen your Lenten Experience.

First, on Ash Wednesday, March 1st we will hold two services at 12:15pm and 6:30pm;

Then, join us on Thursday, March 2nd, and every Thursday in Lent at 6:30pm for our Stations of the Cross devotional.

The First Sunday of Lent, March 5th, we will have an “Instructed Eucharist” at the 10:30am Morning Mass where Monsignor Jim will explain the meaning behind the actions of the Mass.

On March 15th, join us for Lenten Sacred Meal, a special edition of our monthly Sacred Meal Dinner Group with soup, salad, and bread! We gather to share what we call a “sacred meal”, a worship service that takes place around an actual dinner table in the parish fellowship hall. The meal is patterned after those shared by Christians in the first few centuries of the church, which evolved into our current day “Holy Communion” celebrations with participants sharing the bread and the cup.

We will also hold a beautiful Lenten Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 29th to Mass on Thursday evening at 6:00pm; join us as we wait with our Lord.

Finally, be sure to join us for a wonderful Lenten Retreat on Saturday, March 18th with Sr. Eleanor Francis who will then join Monsignor and concelebrate the 10:30am Mass on Sunday, March 19th! A beautifully moving Lent is coming! Get ready and prepare a way for the Lord in your life!