We, as a Franciscan parish, center our lives on the care of the poor, the welcome of the marginalized, providing a home for seeking, and the embrace of the immigrant and refugee. We are centered on all we can do to be a light to those in need of embrace. This Litany is a light to our prayer life. We pray it will inspire you too.

Mother of the unborn, pray for us.
Model of hope and new life,
Model of evangelization,
Model of simplicity,
Model of justice for the poor,
Mother of orphans,
Mother of the rejected,
Mother of the unrecognized,
Mother of the powerless,
Mother of the oppressed,
Mother of migrants,
Mother of the marginalized,
Mother of the destitute,
Mother of the foreigners,
Mother of the immigrants,
Mother of the homeless,
Mother of those considered giftless,
Mother of those who see no value in their lives,
Mother of those who have no political influence,
Mother of those who have no reason to hope,

From becoming oppressive, deliver us.
From becoming cynical,
From denying options to the poor,
From becoming opportunists,
From, becoming deaf to the voices of the prophets,
From becoming blind to injustice,
From becoming complacent,
From becoming ungrateful servants,
From becoming arrogant,
From becoming elitists,

Model for love and compassion, may we imitate you.
Model of hope and new life,
Model of evangelization,
Model of simplicity,
Model of justice for the poor,
Enabler of the downtrodden,
Example of receptivity,
Example of sensitivity,
Bridge builder of cultures,
Respecter of diversity,
Mother of consolation,
Mother of those who say ‘yes; to Jesus,
Mother of providence,

Let us Pray: Virgen Morena, Dark Virgin, Mother of God, Lady of Guadalupe, we commit ourselves to follow your example, to be life-givers and to be receptive to new life. We will be faithful followers in your love towards the poor, in your desire to give dignity to all people and to treat all the abandoned with tenderness. Let us live with constant confidence that we need not fear when we acknowledge you as our Mother, Mother of God. Grant that we may participate in your plan for new life and give us faith in the daily miracles that you and your Son, Jesus, work in our lives. Amen.