Dennis Rivera Jr., joins Saint Miriam as our Music Director. Dennis was born and raised in Philadelphia and currently works full-time at the Peanut Chew factory in Philadelphia. Dennis does ministry work for the remainder of his time and is passionate about the gospel and the church’s work! As an Ordained Minister and Chaplain, Dennis holds an Associate’s Degree in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care. Dennis grew up as a Roman Catholic, and I was very active in the church from a young age. In third grade, Dennis discovered a talent and started playing church hymns by ear at the keyboard at home! After this fantastic and divine discovery, he immediately started getting organ lessons from his parish Organist! By the fourth grade, he was permitted to play the organ at mass, which was truly inspirational and opened many doors. In 6th grade, Dennis’ parish school, Saint Ambrose, closed, so he moved to Saint Martin of Tours Parish, where he continued learning to play. By the 8th grade, he was able to play for masses and started substituting at local parishes. To date, Dennis has served over 100 churches, all including different denominations and has been the Music Director of 3 Catholic Churches. Through his journey, he departed from the Catholic Church and ventured out to explore “other” churches. While the love the liturgy was present, he was hungry, looking for the true meaning of Christ’s love, which has no limits or boundaries, the type of love that welcomes people for who they are without marginalizing them and condemning them for their lifestyles. Though he is still in the process of discerning and praying, it brings him much joy to be able to come to Saint Miriam; In fact, one of the things that he had to say is as he walked through the doors for the first time all he received was love and warm welcome! Dennis is glad to be a part of such an incredible mission and ministry!