Saint Miriam Parish and School is a Franciscan, Old Catholic Parish Community, with a strong emphasis on worship, community, a life of prayer, and where we honor the sacraments, as we proclaim the message of Christ in word and deed, but welcome everyone without reservation! We provide a strong Catholic Liturgy, an inclusive Catholic education, and a vibrant welcome to everyone. We also are home to a Friary of dedicated Franciscans! Our award-winning daycare and school is the region’s only Franciscan STEAMM school for our age groups and is the finest in education! 

Here, in addition to a warm welcome by a diverse group of people who have made this parish their home, you will find an atmosphere of quiet reflection on the presence of God, great beauty in the visual aspects of the changing liturgical seasons, and worship music that will inspire and transform you! We’re committed to passionate and engaging worship, relevant teaching, and the formation of real community.

You will find deeply meaningful Icons throughout our worship space and common areas, especially one that is deeply connected to our community! The Icon found on the wall to the left of our Altar within our Sanctuary is entitled, ‘The Theotokos, Mary, Our Blessed Mother, Searcher of the Lost, Seeker of the Perishing’. We believe that The Queen of Heaven sends down help and support for all, even the most unworthy, and so everyone finds welcome in this shared and sacred place!
Our Franciscan-inspired simplistic design creates a sense of peace, allowing you to let go of the busyness of your daily life. Here, your mind can be free from distractions as you enjoy the beautiful and the peaceful.

In the Saint Miriam community you will discover a safe space to explore your deepest longings for God with warm people to support you, just as you are! It matters not to us where you come from, more Orthodox Catholic Churches, any of the varied Protestant denominations, or those from an Eastern Tradition, at Saint Miriam you are welcome just as you are!

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Masses rotate weekly to include 7:30am, 9:30am, and 11:30am

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