A Snapshot: About Saint Miriam

We keep the Seven Sacraments.
We believe in the inherent dignity of every human person.
We maintain valid Apostolic Succession.
We remain under the Episcopal Protection of the Old Catholic Church and her Bishops.
Our Clergy are Franciscans, Compassionists, Dominicans, and Benedictines. 
Our Deacons and Priests may be celibate, if called, or married, if called.
We pray, work, love, and serve joyfully together.
We are a Sanctuary Parish that holds true to giving refuge to others in need.
We are liturgically and traditionally centered, but not at the expense of the needs of the People of God.
We are dedicated to serving the poor, the marginalized, and welcoming the forgotten.
We believe in a priesthood here all believers serve and participate in our ministry.
All are truly welcome. We are a place of belonging for everyone!