At Our Front Door…

 “When I Was Hungry and Thirsty…”

When you first arrive to the front doors of our parish, you are greeted by a beautiful life-sized bronze statue by world-renowned artist and sculptor, Timothy Schmalz. The piece is entitled, Whatsoever You Do, and is based on the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25; we simply call it, The Beggar Christ! The sculpture suggest that Christ is one with the most marginalized in our society. It is a strong, visual representation of what our parish represents: an inclusive home, a strong welcome, with deep and abiding hospitality for everyone, without any reservations. We welcome everyone!

We believe that when Jesus said, “What you have done to the least of these, you have done it unto me,” He was was not speaking sentimentally, nor even ideologically, but rather with a depth that only the truly perceptive can feel! You see, Jesus sees Himself in the hungry, the naked, the lost, the marginalized, the forgotten, and the imprisoned… because of that ‘desert experience’, the devil made it so. After His 40 days of desert, it is through the eyes of the “least of these” that our Christ cannot help but to gaze forever after upon the created world. So then maybe His good news, the message of salvation, are not fantasies, but a reality yet to come, if only we follow; truly follow. Perhaps they are truths revealing the paradoxical upside-down truth that from suffering we are redeemed by the very hands of God…

Welcome to a parish that welcomes everyone! Welcome to a place of hope, loved and hospitality!

Download a Brochure from the artist by clicking below and see the original sculpture located at Santo Spirito Hospital in Rome, Italy.

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Download a Brochure from our Parish on this sculpture, its dedication, and meaning by clicking below.

[easy_media_download url=”” text=”Download the Parish Brochure” target=”_blank” width=”300″]