Community Life

Our community gets its life from those who come and participate! On these pages you will find links to important life events and a monthly calendar to help you participate fully in the life of Saint Miriam.

Please enjoy some of the wonderful ways we all strive to become closer to God as His friends.

Come as you are…we are waiting and so is God!

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Saint Miriam Small Groups

@  Caring for Our Creation

Community Outreach

First Encounter Prayer Group

Recovery International

@  Marriage Prep (Pre-Cana)

@  Children’s Faith Formation (CFF)

@  Mindfulness Mondays

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Dinner, Church

Saint Miriam Café and Hospitality

Saint Miriam Choir

@  The Saint Miriam “Imperfect Spirituality” Club!

Saint Miriam Pastoral Care Team

Saint Miriam Prayer Shawl Ministry

Saint Miriam Sacristy Guild

The Saint Miriam Eucharistic Bread Guild

@  Saint Miriam Virtual Choir

The Saint Miriam Youth Group (SMYG)

@  Secular Franciscan Group

Ushers and Greeters Guild

Walk Beside Me

The Women of Saint Miriam