May Help! – Blessing Bag Outreach

Dear Friends!

Thank you for your interest in helping us help others! Our award-winning programs support the most impoverished and marginalized groups by maintaining their dignity and providing support on many levels including:

Blessing Bag Outreach – serving those experiencing homelessness in our streets with self-stable nutritional support “Blessing Bags” including brand new socks through Bombas, Inspyr, and Joy of Sox as well as Support Services Information and a hand-written or drawn note to them from our children programs!
CarSafe – those living in their vehicles receive a Blessing Bag, a safe space to park on our campus, and gas assistance, as well as Support Services Information.
Supplementary Bags – serving those homeless with pets (cats and Dogs), female hygiene needs, and the transgender community.

We are grateful for your support!

Please visit this link to provide support of product needs or financial donations!

If we can offer any other information, please contact us!

Click here to financially support our Blessing Bag Program.
To designate the Blessing Bag program, click on the dropdown and choose “Blessing Bag/Homeless Outreach.”

Read more about our Blessing Bag Program

Read the Blessing Bags article in the Philadelphia Inquirer

8 thoughts on “May Help! – Blessing Bag Outreach

      1. I am another that would like to donate to the blessing bag program, after seeing it on Foxnews. But when i click on the link you included above, there is no way to designate that the gift go to the Blessing bag ministry.

  1. I also would like to donate to the blessing bag program, after i saw it on FoxNews. Using the link you included, there is no way to indicate that i would like the gift to be used for the Blessing bag program.

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