An Updated Database and a Photo Directory Comes to Saint Miriam!

Saint Miriam Parish is growing and we want to make sure that we know and stay in touch with our parishioners. So, we have begun to work on updating our parish database, called ParishSoft, to assure that we have the necessary information for each of you. The updated database will be helpful to our priests in the event of a pastoral emergency, asa it will give them access to your contact information. AND, the exciting part is that with your permission, we are also creating a directory which will include a photo of and/or your family!

To be part of this exciting photo directory and database update, please send photo of you (and/or your family members) today by filling out the form below for each member of your family!

Off we grow!

Church Directory Sign Up Form
This person's name will not appear in the photo directory.
This phone number will not appear in the photo directory.
Only the Day and Month will appear in the photo directory.
Day and Month only.
Information Specific to Minors and Dependents
The information below is not for use in the published directory, but rather so that we can have a better understanding of the home life situation for those most vulnerable in our parish. The information given in this section will be kept confidential.
If there is anything else we should know about the Minor/Dependent's home situation, please let us know here:
Photos and Other Information
We would prefer all photos to be in .jpg format. Please use the following format so we can track all submission: Filename Example: cuffey_lorraine.jpg and cuffey_guy.jpg The ideal file size for your photo is between 2 to 4 MB. Photos less than 2MB may not print clearly. If you are having difficulty uploading your photo, you may also drop off your image to the church office during normal business hours either burned on a CD or uploaded to a thumbdrive.
If you do not have a photo that you would like to use in the directory, check the box below and we will make arrangements to have your photo taken on a Sunday at church.
Let us know if there is anything else you would like us to know about you or if you have any questions about the photo directory. This information will not be published in the directory.
Finalize Your Submission
Please check the information that you have provided and click the submit button. If you have more members of your family that you would like to register, then please fill out this form again with their information. You do not have to submit a separate photo for each member of your family group for the directory. If you have a group photo, you only need to submit it once, and let us know in the comments box the names of the members in your family.
reCAPTCHA is required.