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Our priests give their lives for us and sacrifice in many ways and construction of a new Friary Rectory will begin this June! Monsignor has been living in an RV since we moved to our beautiful campus. But, many do not know the reason is that he sold his home and donated 100% of the proceeds to secure our mortgage here. Yes, that’s right! Father gave us all of the money from the sale of his home and because of that generous gift, we were able to enjoy all that way have here today. He also pays for his RV every month on his own!

Therefore, with the generous help of David, Greg, and our team we have designed a new rectory! The architectural drawings are now posted in the Undercroft Fellowship Hall and we will be seeking your support. As you know, we offer many prayers for all of our benefactors, whether donations are large or small. But, we are now praying intently for those souls who have the means to give us a larger gift. The building of our Friary Rectory will start June 5th 2017, and we are in urgent need of gifts to ensure that will happen.

How we will beg Our Lord to reward you a hundred-fold above and beyond the measure with which you give to us! May God reward you! Thank you for your considerations and prayers. If you can support this effort, please see Alan or Monsignor, or use this link to make a pledge or donation today!

Click here for another way to support our new rectory with St. Francis Joilet!

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