To enroll for the 2021/2022 school year for Children’s Faith Formation, please submit through the school’s on-line web registration program via the link below.

Once all pertinent information about you, your child/ren and individuals authorized to pick-up is entered for the first time you will receive access to the “Parent Portal”. The Parent Portal is a convenient way for you to access your billing and payment information, make changes to any family information as needed and enroll for special events throughout the school year. Watch your email for additional information!

A note about class selection:
This form is active for both the Saint Miriam School as well as the Children’s Faith Formation programs at Saint Miriam Parish and Friary. Towards the bottom of the form there will be a “Select Class” button that is required. That button will take you to a new window (the information you entered will not be lost) where you the the class listings will be automatically filtered to available classes (for both the Saint Miriam School and the CFF program) appropriate for the age of the child you are registering. If you wish to further filter the results, you may use the search feature on the top left-hand corner of your screen that will appear as a magnifying glass icon.

Click here to register your child/ren today!