“My hope is that we will do all that is possible to sustain and enhance the vibrant parish life to which Jesus calls us.”

-Bishop Anthony M. Pilla

Welcome Newcomers!

Saint Miriam is a great way to explore what God has in store for you and to discover the unique ways an inclusive community of faith can bring hope, healing, and stability as you uncover new and wonderful ways to experience the love of God you’d never find if you were alone.

So stop by and visit, become involved in one of our many Small Groups, or get introduced to the many ways we offer you to explore your faith that match your taste. Share what you love and discover a new church that your friends will love, too. Remember that the more you connect the more you will discover God in your life!

We offer a refreshing new approach to parish life, so why not give us a try this week? Need a good place to start? Visit the links below and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions!


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