Bishop Ken Denski, is in residence at Saint Miriam and assists in all facets of parish life and ministry. Bishop Ken was born in New Jersey and raised by his parents, Leon & Stella (Sikora) Denski in Philadelphia. He attended St. Henry Parish School, Cardinal Dougherty High School, and and St. Charles Borromeo Seminary being ordained a Deacon in 1987. Bishop then affiliated with The Old Catholic Church and was ordained a Catholic Priest in 1998. Bishop was consecrated a Bishop in 2005. Bishop Ken was involved in family and Nursing Home ministry before retiring in 2018. He currently resides with his wife, Angela, and is the very proud grandfather of 6 grandchildren.

Bishop Ken is also a Numismatist and Researcher of 19th and early 20th century United States coinage.  He has been a contributor to several professional publications and reference material. Before his retirement, Bishop Ken was involved in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations for several Philadelphia area manufacturing corporations.