Dear Friends:

My hope is this message finds you all well! We are looking forward to the day when we can meet and worship in person again.

Until then, we continue to work hard for your, our parishioners and to provide you with a quality worship experience, even from afar, and our neighbors who are suffering on the streets. Currently, we are participating in giving Tuesday now, a global day of giving in unity taking place today, May 5th, so that we can be part of the response to the unprecedented needs in our community caused by this pandemic.

We’ve created a special fund to support our church and community members who need extra assistance during this time. Our Blessing Bag Outreach Program, which used to service between 300 and 400 homeless individuals a month, now has a demand exceeding 1200-1400 bags a week! We can’t do it without your support.

I am pleased to also announce that we have put together a Reopening Plan for Saint Miriam Parish and our school. This comprehensive plan will roll out in a segmented, wave approach the reopening of the parish and school in safe, logical steps to protect everyone. I will be recording a short video this week, and we will also place the entire summary online by Friday.

Toward that goal, we are seeking storage for our pews as we make the Sanctuary renovations to allow us to return to a safe space where we can exercise safe distancing while we give God thanks for all we have together. If you can help, please email me here.

We are meeting this challenge head-on because of the immense amount of support that you’ve given us, and the donations and supplies they continue to pour in. Without your support our programs that helps those experiencing homelessness literally eat, and the ministry in our parish that makes it all possible, would cease to exist.

We are encouraging anyone who can help please consider donating today to help Saint Miriam and our neighbors in need. Your contribution will provide direct relief to those who need it most. Please visit

Thank you in advance for listening and responding to our call. Together we will make it through this time, and we will endure to find hope and a deeper purpose.

Looking forward to seeing each other soon.

Monsignor +Jim