Dear Friends,

Another update is here! We are so excited to announce that we are ahead of schedule on the renovations of our beautiful Sanctuary, which is now on its way to being even more stunning! And, while I know there is some anxiety with respect to the pews, it was interesting that God led us to this planning well in advance of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This has afforded us the ability to reopen more safely. Despite us being ready earlier than projected, I still will be holding off on in-person gatherings for mass until the last Sundays of June. I feel it is prudent for us to wait, pray, and watch the area respond to increased openings until we attempt to come together. In the meantime, we will livestream, FM Broadcast, and offer holy Communion in the parking lot after every Mass until we are in person. Please visit the website for the latest updates.

Old BlueprintsI have also been praying on the few who have expressed concern on the removal of the pews. I recently saw a post that read ‘it’s a shame you are removing such beautiful old pews!” I replied with the facts. First, these pews were not old! If you look at the image attached to this update, you will see the original pews were concave shaped and dark wood. The pews we have used were actually the third set of pews to be in the space we now worship in and were actually stock pews from the 1970’s. In our removal, (which was planned for 7 years ago!) we also discovered that much of the pews were not actually hardwood, but veneer, too! Lastly, I stumbled across a very interesting article on the oppressive nature of pews. The article is entitled, “The History of Pews Is Just as Terrible and Embarrassing as You’d Imagine” and wow, it certainly is that and more.

As pastor of one of the most liturgically conservative, but socially liberal Catholic parishes, it is astounding to me that pews were needed as seating in churches when parishioners got bored enough to wish they were sitting down! And, they were also bought – and frequently custom-built – by each congregation’s wealthiest families, who held actual deeds to them and frequently passed them down to their children as real estate. The poor? What of them, you ask? Well, churches were simply cramming poor congregants into a smaller and smaller space as more and more rich people demanded space for luxury pews. These facts alone are contrary to what we are, and certainly what we believe! Chairs are coming and it is a good thing!

Additionally, we celebrated Mass today and then honored those who gave us our freedom with our annual Memorial Day Remembrance. Please visit Facebook for the photos and video.

Finally, we have an updated Reopening Schedule and procedures and policies to keep everyone safe. So, please take some time and read the article on pews as well as our tentative reopening schedule for school and church. Then, please support our work by Clicking Here and be sure to sponsor your chairs at this Web Link, too. We need you. I sure need you! I hope you need saint Miriam.

God love you – I do,

Monsignor +Jim