Dear Friends,

As we now evaluate the reopening of our parish last Sunday, we find that we did so many things right and we are very proud! However, we also fell short for some of you with respect to comfort with seating reservations and virtual downloads. Therefore, to make things even easier – and safer – we have added an optional Seat Reservation System to our website’s homepage for every Mass as well as easy to find download links that include:

  1. RSVP for a Seat at Mass on Sundays
  2. PDF Virtual Download Link for Missals
  3. Virtual Church Offerings
  4. COVID Updates

All of these areas now appear easily directly on our homepage! We pray these will allow you to worship more often and feel more safe!

Please watch my video below for more information. And, another plea, won’t you help me end the sponsorship of chairs campaign? Please, sponsor a chair to allow us not to divert funds to other areas. I pray we are in this together.

Saint Miriam, responsive to your needs every week.

Thank you,

Monsignor +Jim, Pastor