Yesterday, I posted by latest weekly devotion, Franciscan Moments @ Saint Miriam. It was on prayer and intent. I was reminded of how important we are to each other and to the gift that God has given us in Saint Miriam.

This past Sunday, we opened our doors for the first time publicly in almost 4 months. Think of it, almost 120 days since we last were able to open. Those who came were greeted by a beautiful new Sanctuary. So much has gone into it, so much planning, and so much invested; and so much worry on my part, but we did it. It’s stunning!

This is why today’s letter will be so brief. I am praying you will finally now hear me and respond. We are down to 78 chairs to complete our Sanctuary and relieve me of this financial burden. We are family. We should not hold out our gifts to God or the church, and we certainly shouldn’t let me carry this burden any longer.

Please, read my devotion by Clicking Here. Then, please, too, sponsor a chair by Clicking Here or on the link below.

We are family and family hears one another’s prayers and bears one another’s burdens.

In Prayer,

Monsignor +Jim