Dear Friends of Saint Miriam,

Before you view my quick update video, I wanted to write to you to let you know that this past week we have once again exceeded our goals, despite being hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are always working hard, even behind the scenes! Below is a short outline of what we have done. It’s amazing! Won’t you please consider making a donation today in order to help us continue? Together, we can reach our goals! Please visit

Our Masses are live-streamed AND available on FM Radio 91.5 every Sunday!

We have opened our campus to those needing a place to walk and explore safely while social distancing.

We are involving you still in the life of our parish by launching a Virtual Choir and requesting your Hymns choices for every Sunday, too!

We launched an online pre-Cana program and an online CFF program is almost ready, too! Too, our school programs are getting ready to become even better, too!

I have worked hard with our school staff to launch a Summer Program, and a year-long daycare and infant care program! Plus, we have revamped our school and daycare calendars to help those who will be impacted once we go back to our normal routines!

Learn more on all of these here!

And, in case you missed it, our Blessing Bag Outreach has been featured in 8 newspapers including Times Herald and Philadelphia Inquirer and will soon be on Fox News this coming week! We are grateful for all who volunteer and give to make this program possible, especially Tom Frey. It truly takes village to meet the new demand of over 1,000 bags a week going out the door!

Blessing Bags @ Saint Miriam Outreach – Serving those experiencing homelessness in our streets with shelf-stable nutritional support “Blessing Bags” including brand new socks through Bombas, Inspyr, and Joy of Sox, as well as Support Services and Transitional Housing Information, and a hand-written or drawn note to them from our children in our school and educational programs!

CarSafe – Providing a safe place to those living in their vehicles receive a Blessing Bag; a secure space to park on our campus from 8pm to 7am, and to depart with gas assistance, food gift card, a Blessing Bag, as well as area Support Services Information and referrals.

Supplementary ‘Tag-a-long’ Bags – Serving those homeless with pets (cats and Dogs), female hygiene needs, and the Transgender community.

We are truly grateful for your support! If we can offer any other information, please contact me directly.

Please visit this link to provide continued support of product needs, volunteer to distribute or assemble our bags, and for future financial donations!

While we feel blessed to have been able to offer these successful projects mentioned above, we need your help to continue our ministry and to remain vital and active for when we will all return to Saint Miriam.

With your support, we can still be here. Without it, we will surely fail. Would you consider contributing today in order to help us work toward our mission? Together, we can reach our goals and remain a wonderful place of hope! Please visit

Please know of my blessing to you and upon those you love. As you will bless us with your support to enable us to continue to help others, may the love of our God that surpasses all understanding, bless you and bring you peace and reward you for your generosity.

Finally, please, humbly, I ask that you pray for me, a broken and sinful man, trying to do the best work I can in leading our wonderful parish; the place we simply call Saint Miriam.

I will pray for you every day.

In Service and Love,

Monsignor +Jim