Felix Uberbacher joins Saint Miriam as a in-residence seminarian and will reside within our Friary during his formative training experience. Felix is a 24-year-old seminary student from Knoxville, Tennessee, attending Emmanuel Christian Seminary and is pursuing a Master of Divinity degree with a concentration in pastoral care. Felix grew up in a small community in Tennessee and has a sibling who resides on New York City. Felix did not grow up within a religious family, but was called during his formative years and chose the faith closest to his own beliefs, Catholicism. His mother and grandparents have been supportive of his conversion and faith choices. Felix will begin at Saint Miriam in the late Spring 2022 and remain with us for at least a full year as he also competes his required Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training. Felix will then be ordained to the deaconate, and after a suitable time, the priesthood.