Mr. Guy R. Cuffey, Director, Campus Safety and Security

Guy Cuffey serves as our Campus Director for Safety and Security. He oversees all matters related to keeping our parish, school, and cemetery grounds safe including medical and emergency intervention, background checks, emergency response, alarms, panic systems, and training. Guy is the Owner of Personal Security Services. LLC since 2004. Trained and Certified under Pennsylvania Act 235 as a certified Agent and Personal Firearm Permit to Carry, his company provides armed and unarmed escorted security services, legal document delivery service for Law Firms, security services for Insurance Claims and escorted armed financial transport services. Guy and his wife, Lorraine, and their daughter, Donna, have been members of Saint Miriam for over 8 years.

For emergencies, threats again Saint Miriam Parish or personnel, or urgent security matters, please contact:

Guy Cuffy: guy.cuffey(at)
and please cc Father Jim: father.jim(at)

Or call:  (215) 836-9800 ext. 703