Mrs. Lorraine Cuffey, Parish Board President

OT_LorraineCuffey_LGMrs. Lorraine Cuffey serves as our Parish Board President, and as such she also sits on the Saint Miriam Academy Board. Lorraine began as our volunteer Culinary Manager for major parish events and our weekly Saint Miriam Café, too! Her former business, Sweet Bytes, is where Lorraine made her mark in culinary arts. Using family recipes for meatloaf, cupcakes, and her famous baked macaroni and cheese, she used her food to comfort and nourish customer from all over the country in the little café in Ambler, PA. What started as a business, turned into a ministry. People came for the delicious food made with love, but more importantly, they came to get love and a warm, welcoming hug from “Mom” of Sweet Bytes! At Lorraine’s retirement party, there were so many guests; some from as far away as Minnesota, who came to pay tribute to the woman who gave so much to so many. That unidentifiable ingredient you taste in her food…that’s the love and now it is part if every Sunday experience, too! Lorraine selfishly dedicates time now to oversee the board and helps our pastor plan for the future of the parish!