Father Frank Souza serves as our Associate Pastor for Community Outreach and Virtual Worship at Saint Miriam. He is also a professed Franciscan. As Associate Pastor for Community Outreach and Virtual Worship. In this capacity he oversees all outreach operations including recruitment, budget, staffing, operations, and oversight of all Outreach Opportunities including Blessing Bags @ Saint Miriam, Kensington Project, Laurel House, Scarves with a Purpose, and Starlight Retreat Center. He will also oversee our new “Virtual Worship Initiatives”, integrate CFF with our DRE and our Pastor, and oversee all Grant writing activities. Father will also maintain his Sunday Mass rotations for celebrating the liturgy as well as all liturgical functions of the parish and our community as a priest. He serves on the school board and continues to offers oversight and direction.

Father was born and raised in South Philadelphia, and having felt the call to priesthood and Franciscan spirituality from a very young age, Father Frank was called to pursue seminary studies in Philadelphia and Minnesota as well as periods of discernment with religious communities.

During these formative years, Father studied theology; taught in various schools and parish communities and served as a youth minister, teacher, catechist, and in administration as Director of Religious Education and Faith Formation in the United States Virgin Islands, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and New York. Father holds a Master’s degree in Divinity and Pastoral Theology from Ave Maria Theological and St. Joseph’s College. He also has degrees from Neumann University and attended St. Paul Seminary and St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.

Father Frank finds his greatest strengths in pastoral ministry when he is socially, intellectually, and spiritually involved – sharing these aspects of his outgoing personality with others. His hobbies include: going to the shore, traveling, reading, socializing and visiting with family and friends. Father is an avid reader and finds reading books on spirituality, especially our shared Franciscan spirituality, very enjoyable, uplifting and practical for everyday life.

Celebrating the sacraments as a priest, and being a professed Franciscan, while supporting others, especially our youngest, in education and faith formation, brings out his passion for life – Jesus Christ- alive in a multiplicity of inclusiveness that leads so many back home to the church.