Father Gerry O’Sullivan joins Saint Miriam as an Assisting Priest. Father was ordained to the priesthood for the Gallican Catholic Church in May of 1999. For four years he served a small parish community in New Jersey and participated in discussions among several Old Catholic and Independent jurisdictions about shared seminary training, priestly and lay formation, evangelization, and missions. Gerry grew up in New York City and graduated from Fordham University. He completed his theological training at Vanderbilt Divinity School and later completed a doctoral degree at University of Pennsylvania. Father Gerry has been married to his wife Lesley for 29 years and he and his wife, Lesley, have two grown sons and (recently) their first granddaughter. Father looks forward to serving Saint Miriam and working with the her Ministry Team, Pastor, and the parish’s pastoral, lay and service and leadership teams to help the parish and friary grow and thrive. Father will assist with both our weekly Mass and Devotions Schedules, our Children’s Faith Formation (CFF) Program, and advise our pastor. Father is the Parish Board’s liaison to the Saint Miriam School Board.