OT_RobertPardiRobert Pardi serves as the official Historian for Saint Miriam Parish and Union Cemetery of Whitemarsh at Saint Miriam. Robert graduated with a Bachelors in History and has held a life-long passion for the past and all things historical. As a member of the 71st Pennsylvania, a Civil War reenactment unit, Robert has provided others with a small window into the life of a soldier of the 1860’s. Robert resides in Lafayette Hill with his wonderful wife, Jenn, and their two small boys, who are students within our school system.  Robert first met Monsignor Jim, Pastor at Saint Miriam, at the synagogue in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, where the parish first began in rented space! Father Jim officiated at the Marriage of Robert and Jenn in 2009, and has baptized their children and remained part of their lives ever since. Robert will preserve the historical data for future prosperity and ensure that that lives remembered within our historic cemetery will be honored for further generations.