We are excited to announce that we have a new giving platform and a new Saint Miriam Parish App! The new giving platform is called Tithe.ly and it will be replacing all of our current online eGiving and one-time donation methods (SafeSave, Square, etc.).

Don’t Wait! Switch to the New App Today!

Signing Up for the First Time?

If you have never downloaded the Saint Miriam app before and/or this is your first time signing up for electronic giving, click on the button below!

Switching Over?

To cancel your old giving account and to download the new app and set up your Tithe.ly account, click on the button below to fill out the form!

Why are we making this update?

Reduce Fees

This new platform will reduce our fees incurred in processing the transactions (bank fees). This will lead to more of your donation going to support actual ministry and not the financial institutions.

More Control for You

The new platform will allow you to create an account whereby you will have full control of your giving. You can increase as you can, decrease or pause when needed, and receive immediate, real-time updates on your giving!

Better Fee Structure

This new platform will allow you to voluntarily generously cover the fees associated with processing your personal transactions. It will add a modest sum (just a dollar or two) and that willingness and generosity, combined with others who give, will help us to save thousands of dollars each year!

Watch this video message from our Pastor, Monsignor Jim, for more info as to why we have made this change.


If you are eGiving (one-time or recurring) you will be receiving an email to also prompt you to make this change.

We want to ensure that the transition to our new processor is smooth. Please help us out by taking the two steps below before March 1st 2021!

1. Begin the sign-up for eGiving here. When you click on “Submit” you will be redirected to the link where you can download the app.

When we receive the form with your email address, your account on the old platform will then automatically be terminated! There is no action needed by you to stop your current giving!

2. Download and Install the new Parish App!

3. Then delete the old App to avoid any confusion!

If you need help, contact our contribution team at (215) 836-9800 x 702 or contact us here and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please note: Our Pastor, by his request, does NOT know your giving amount, only that you do give a recurring gift. Please do not ask him to update your giving. Please reach out to our financial team only!


Check out our new Saint Miriam Parish App just released this week. (If you have the old one through Sharefaith, please simply delete it as it is no longer active.)

Download our new Parish App using the buttons below. There is also a Donate button in the App that will take you to our new giving platform where you can set up repeat giving or make a one-time donation!

Also, to make things even easier, we now relocated our Blogs, Devotions and Sermons to our main website at www.mySaintMiriam.org!

Start Here to Download the New App!

Switching Over!
Thank you for your continued support. If you had an old account, we will cancel it for you. But, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need help with setting up the new app, please contact our contribution team at (215) 836-9800 x 702 or contact us here and we will respond as soon as possible. When you submit this form, you will see a message in the confirmation window with the link to the new app. You will also get the link in the email confirmation.
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