In conjunction with our Diocese and our Greater church, we are implementing – effective immediately- the following changes as a temporary measure to help ensure, as much as possible, a safer worship experience at Saint Miriam.

During the cold and flu season and the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all parishioners are reminded to use common sense and good hygiene. Those who are ill are not obliged to attend Mass and should stay home to recover and receive a dispensation. (You may also attend Mass via our LiveStream here.)

If you are feeling ill while attending Mass, please refrain from partaking of the Blood of Christ from the communal chalice. If you are not already accustomed to do so, you will be receiving Holy communion in the hand only during this cold/flu season. We also suggest that those who are not feeling well refrain from offering their hand to others at the sign of peace. A nice smile and a nod will graciously be accepted!

All clergy including priests, deacons, subdeacons and Extraordinary Ministers will wash their hands immediately prior to Mass. We will also have availability of hand sanitizer at both the Altar area AND in the Bell Tower entry to the parish for your use. While nothing is better than washing your hands thoroughly, hand sanitizers are an effective supplemental to good hygiene.

We pray for the health and recovery of all who are ill and not able to be with us.

Please current outbreak information, please visit CDC site:


Download the PDF file .