Advertise in Our Bulletin! – Deadline March 27th, 2020

Dear Friends & Potential Advertisers:

It’s that time of year again! The full-color bulletin for Saint Miriam Parish and Friary is our largest communications tool. We publish a multi-page bulletin and print enough copies to distribute weekly at every Mass.

The bulletin, The Saint Miriam Weekly Focus, includes our weekly Masses and Events Schedule, Wedding and Engagement Announcements, Mass intentions, our Ministry Team Schedule as well as a personal blog post from me, as pastor. It also includes a special section geared toward our wonderful school and our historic cemetery! All weekly events for Parish, School, Cemetery and Community are updated regularly. The Focus also lists events happening in and around the community. It is an exciting publication that is also emailed weekly!

The uniqueness of our publications are that they occur in both eFormat (electronic and published online and via our Saint Miriam App) as well as a beautiful print edition. Unlike most parishes, we only change our advertisers once per year! That means that your generosity produces an advertisement for your business that will appear from Easter to Easter without interruption. Your ads will appear online and via our compliant social media FREE listings that are hyperlinked to your own website!

There are several ways parishioners and visitors obtain our weekly bulletin:

  • Bulletins are available after all the weekday and weekend Masses!
  • Bulletins can be sent to their home via US Postal Service, by request!
  • Bulletins are made available directly on our two websites and Parish App!
  • Bulletins are forwarded to “snowbirds” who live 6 months out-of-town!
  • Bulletins are emailed weekly to a large audience and posted on our parish website!

Your ad purchase helps to defray the cost of publishing the bulletin for our parish, but most importantly allows us to provide needed scholarships to children who cannot afford a quality, private education within our school! I would be very grateful for your annual support. My parishioners, the children in our school, and our myriad of annual visitors will thank you too!

If you would like more information, contact us here, or call 215-836-9800, x702, to secure your premium spot to begin your ad this Easter 2020! You can also contact Mrs. Lorraine Cuffey directly at 215-429-1055!

In Service and Thanksgiving, Monsignor

Monsignor +Jim, Pastor


P.S. Deadline this year is March 27th, 2020 with the release of the new Bulletin on Easter Sunday, April 12th so please act quickly! And if you include and pay for your ad by March 9th or sooner you will receive a 20% discount!