Our End of Year Impact for 2020

Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Saint Miriam stepped up to increase our impact on the world! Every donation, every prayer, joined our effort to make those experiencing homelessness better.

Here is how we made their world – and ours – a little better!

94, 320 Saint Miriam Blessing Bags

2,140 Large Pizzas

2,030 Wawa Shorty Hoagies

3,600 Hot Oat meal and Soups

14,000 Donated by Baptist and Muslim Organizations and distributed by Saint Miriam

4,600 Sandwiches with partners Charity Crossing and Private Donors

27,400 Hot meals provided by partners Sunday Love, Angels in Motion and Grace Project

Our volunteers also responded as backup to 40 overdoses and successfully reversed 67 overdoses as primary responders.

We handed out 430 Narcan Kits and 180 Fentanyl Test Kits

For our Kids:

5 Students in our school received full scholarships and 26 students received reductions in tuition.

Thank you to all who gave. Your generosity made the difference!