We made a promise long ago and we’ve kept it al this time: Welcome everyone, even those rejected by other churches, surprise those who come with honesty with moving worship and warm fellowship, engage others with accessible clergy, reach beyond our doors to provide hope, even on the streets. Our history bears the truth: every promise ever made, has been kept! So we’re ready for you!

Our Parish facilities and worship spaces are cleaned and sanitary, our Small Groups, Support Groups, Children’s Faith Formation, and Outreach are returning to meet, our Sanctuary renovations are moving forward, our School and  programs are expanded to include a year-round infant and daycare, and we made a summer camp program too! It’s time to come home.

We are opening with your safety in mind!

For everyone’s safety we will have floor decals to help everyone to remember to socially distance. Also, for those concerned with health or immune issues, we will also have one Communion station with an automated dispenser that comes sealed from the assembly where no hands have come into contact with the bread!

Open Adoration: Thursdays from 4-6PM

Rosary: Sundays at 8:30AM

Masses: 7:00AM, 9:00AM, 10:30AM and 12 Noon.

For more information, contact us here.