This year our 2020 Giving Tree will be entirely online. Please choose a tag from the tree and donate funds to make the purchase, or buy the needed gift and return it to our Library Christmas Tree by Sunday, December 20th!

Your generous donation will provide funds to make someone’s Christmas better, especially during this pandemic. Remember, your gift helps the homeless, the children and the shut in. What can be more Christmas-cy than that? (Please note that donations made online will appear on the tree at a different rate than donations made in person.)

Our Tree So Far…

Click Here to Add a Heart so Our Giving Tree Can be Full!

Justice: For those experiencing Homelessness

Assistance: For children who can’t afford an education

Gifts: For families who can’t afford gifts for their children

Nutrition: Food for the holidays to those in need, within our Parish and our Community!

PS: If you or someone you know can’t make Christmas joyful this year, reach out to us at giving(a) or contact us here