Sponsor a Chair and Support our June 2020 Renovation to our Sanctuary!

Support our June 2020 Renovation to our Sanctuary!

That’s right! We are renovating our Sanctuary to benefit even more people by:

  • Going from Pews to Chairs that permits distancing options
  • Exposing TWO hidden beautiful Tiffany windows!
  • Remove the chancel area to allow for one level, Handicap access, and more room!
  • Installing new hardwood floors
  • Relocating the beautiful Chancel Rail to a place of prominence
  • Install lighting rods LED lights to enhance lighting
  • Holy Water Blessing as we enter passing the Baptismal Font
  • Moving the Altar Cross to over center of Altar with new square top
  • Featuring the Presence of our Lord with a brand new donated Tabernacle

These improvements will:

  • Permit Social Distancing of Chairs
  • Allow for more room! (Presently 1/3 of our space is used by less than 5 people every Sunday!)
  • Restructure Franciscan feeling and ethos
  • Allow for Conversion Seasonally and for Emergency Shelter Cots
  • Ease Our Welcome at the Sign of the Peace
  • Allow for a more Franciscan Focus on Community
  • Refocus Toward Poor, Outreach and Mission
  • Permit Weekly Groups, Retreats, and Small Groups to use the space

We will do all of this without any loans, and no assessments and no Capital Campaign! All we ask is that everyone purchase at least ONE CHAIR for your use, and if possible, another chair for the use of another person or visitor to Saint Miriam! AND, every chair may be Honor or a Memorial to someone you love and includes a brass plaque with the name of honoree! It’s that easy! You sponsor a few chairs and we get a renovated Sanctuary and there is zero net cost!

Sponsor a Chair today and make it a Honor or Memorial, too!

Please note format for plaque as follows:

In Honor
Jane Smith

In Memory of
Jane Smith