This Year, Easter Flowers Bring in May, and You Bring in a Healthy Saint Miriam!

Dear Friends,

As a solely member-supported parish we need to gather, especially at this time. We need to continue our support of the parish by our own giving at and we would also appreciate your support in helping us with Easter Flowers to adorn the Altar here!

We know you won’t be there in person for Holy Week, but your images already adorn our pews and your spirit is ever present! You can join us live at

And Mass Intentions are needed still, too! You can view them online and make new intentions here.

I appreciate your care and attention, especially to those who sent additional donations to the parish and to me personally. I also received the generosity of a loan from a family worried about my home life. I am grateful to all who gave or reached out or prayed – small and large -for it brings us all hope as we navigate these uncharted waters, together! One day, we will all be able to return to the parish we love, but we must now first ensure her survival.

Pray for me, as I pray for you,

Monsignor +Jim