Summer_photo-headThe 1st Annual Saint Miriam Campus Photo Contest

A great opportunity to provide amatuer photographers from around the area to communicate and to enrich image-making culture by creatively viewing our rich and varied campus at Saint Miriam.

We have assembled a panel of judges, experts in their fields, for the final round and they will discuss the qualities that make a great image before choosing the category winners.

  1. Overall Best Still
  2. Best Parish Architectural
  3. Best Campus Life
  4. Best Nature and Still Life
  5. Best St. Francis Image
  6. Best “I’m Home”

Simply visit the campus and take your photographs and then upload them here! We will post all entries and then judge them and post the winner this September.

2016 Summer Photo Contest Entry
* Please upload one photo per entry. Attachments should be either .jpg or .png. 2MB limit per entry. If you are having trouble with your submission, please contact us here.
*A note on the I'm Home Category: It's a place. It's a feeling. It's where and how you live within a parish community or the feeling that comes to life while on campus. It's what you value, no matter where you are. We recognize that home is at the heart of everything. This year's contest asks you to show us what home means to you by visiting our campus and capturing it "on film."
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