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Saint Miriam Academy and Zion Pre-School at Saint Miriam are inclusive and welcoming coeducational schools committed to passionate and relevant teaching and the formation of the authentic person in a Christian environment.  We welcome families of all religions, backgrounds and ethnicities and see the inherent dignity of all faiths.  We see every person as a child of God and our mission is to educate the mind, body and soul.  In partnership with family and community, the faculty strives to promote basic Christian values like caring and friendship.  In today’s world, we are all hurting and in need of a non-exclusive place that offers unconditional love and hope, where everyone can grow and flourish.  In our schools you will discover a safe and inclusive community where you are free to be yourself and ask questions.  It matters not to us where you come from; here is a place where you belong, a place you will call home!

At Saint Miriam Academy, children are prepared for later grades in elementary school by learning exceptional skills that promote academic fulfillment and a love of learning utilizing a curriculum designed to introduce your child to a more formal education, aligned with national and state standards. We are able to do this in a small classroom which enables teachers to balance more personalized instruction with active play, class participation, and exploration so your child will learn more and love learning.  Our program fosters the cognitive and social development of every child through fun lessons and activities, guided by a certified teacher.

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Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam offers a professionally designed, thematic curriculum; complete with lessons, assessments & progress reports, and newsletters for parents.

Children learn through hands on play and structured activities in our well organized learning centers. Our classroom is organized into “learning environments” including places within our classroom where the children can find the toys and materials related by theme, interest, and skills.  Learning environments are an excellent way to individualize the curriculum to meet the varying needs of young children.

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