**NOTE** If you are already registered for PREP Classes,
and just need to make your tuition deposit, please click here.

Please complete the form below or click here for a printable version you can complete and mail or fax to:
Saint Miriam Parish · 654 Bethlehem Pike · Flourtown, Pennsylvania · 19031 · Fax 215-701-4781

Fees for PREP Education and PREPlay: $200 per child, per school year
Multiple children registered at same time please deduct $50 for each additional child.

Registration for Religious Education (PREP)

Please note: If the name given above is not the child’s legal name, for whatever reason, such as pending adoption, change in custody, etc., please provide the actual legal name for this child to ensure we are in full compliance with the security and insurance needs of the parish and our educational program. This name will not be used if you so desire. Please check the box below.

Sacraments of Initiation Received

Parent/Guardian Information

Fill out only if this is different from the child's main address.

Special Needs, Medical Conditions (If Applicable)

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To confirm your registration, please input the acronym that is used at Saint Miriam for the Parish Religious Education Program.