Welcome to The Saint Miriam Café!

All are welcome to our Café, located in the Undercroft Fellowship Space, to enjoy fresh and healthy food after every Mass every Sunday. So come and warm up with good friends, new and old! And, reloadable gift cards to our Café are now available in any denomination! These make great gifts for yourself, to use while in our Café after Mass, or to give as a friend. Remember, they are re-loadable, too!

A new Cafe experience every Sunday featuring a full service latte machine!

We designed our Café experience with you (and God!) in mind and to allow us to care for another physically, spiritually and financially. It operates like a mini-Café with a nominal suggested offering for items to allow us to give scholarships to children in our preschool and kindergarten, but the food is the best around and a meal at our Café will fill you up, warm your heart, provide great friends, and never drain your pocket book! It is, as they say, a win-win! You get wonderful food and friends, God gets to see you a bit longer on Sunday, and the parish continues to run fiscally responsible! Wow, huh?! (Of course, if one cannot afford to make a donation, you are still welcome to enjoy our Café!)

Why Pay for Your Food Today?

Because Every Dollar Goes to Make A Scholarship for Our School!

If we had to say what the most noteworthy benefit of using the Saint Miriam Café is, it would have to be that all the proceeds – every single dollar raised and all donations made – go the benefit the Saint Miriam Scholarship Fund!

That’s right! By your using our Café, we actually provide children, who otherwise could not afford a quality, a full private education at Saint Miriam School along with offsetting some of the special events like Nature Jack, Apple Picking, the Pumpkin Patch, our Thanksgiving Luncheon and Breakfast with Santa, monthly Parents’ Night Out, St. Paddy’s with our Daddies, our annual Elmwood Zoo Trip, a Mothers’ and Grandmothers’ Day Tea, Strawberry Picking, a new outdoor farm to table planting garden, and so much more!

Eat Well Today So That A Child Can Learn Well Tomorrow!

The Saint Miriam Café is a wonderful way to do fellowship after our Sunday morning Masses at 9:00am and 10:30am, with a smaller offering after the 7:30am Early Mass, too!


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You can purchase the Saint Miriam Café Card here.

We also have punch cards available. Just click here and print! Or pick up one on your next visit!

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