Saint Miriam Foyer Groups

Beginning every October and meeting through May, our Saint Miriam Foyer Groups afford a unique opportunity to dine together and grow as a community! We begin with a kick off dinner in October and group members are randomly assigned by our coordinator! These groups are a great way to have fun, learn about one another, and socialize outside the parish setting! Foyer Groups are small groups of 5-8 persons sharing simple meals and fellowship. The intention is to have fun and provide an opportunity for us to meet each other and/or to become better acquainted. A ‘Captain’ can be chosen to schedule, and then each month, one or two of the members host a gathering. They convene the group and welcome all into their home and provide one or two main dish(es) to share. Then everyone else brings something, too! It’s that simple and that much fun! There is no agenda, just fellowship and building a great community! Please Register by clicking here or for more information, contact us today!

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