Welcome to the Saint Miriam Virtual Choir!

All parishioners AND friends of Saint Miriam can participate, and all music abilities are welcome, let’s do this! The ultimate goal is for each member to video record themselves singing, while wearing headphones/earbuds. The videos will then be merged together to form our first Virtual Choir! The song we will be singing is Prayer of Saint Francis.

First: Watch the welcome video from SM Music Director, Charlie Masters (seen below). The video outlines how to record yourself and computer/smartphone details.

Second: Practice singing through the song, Prayer of Saint Francis, once or twice before you record yourself. To get the audio accompaniment track, send an email to charles.masters(at)mysaintmiriam.org. This track will serve as both the practice track and your accompaniment track for when you record your video. You will also get both the sheet music and lyrics for Prayer of Saint Francis, for your reference.

Third: Sing then Transfer. When ready, sing and record, then send to our Music Director by following the instructions we will send you when you sign up to join us!

  • Sign up by emailing Charles.Masters(at)mySaintMiriam.org
  • Please have fun with this, all vocal abilities will have a place in the virtual choir, no judgement!
  • Sing out, and have fun singing in this virtual format!
  • Please reach out with and questions, thanks and break a leg!

You can download the sheet music and audio track here.