Update from Msgr. Jim – April 3, 2020 – We Did It: PowerPoints, Music and Palms, too!

How to Care for Saint Miriam, Virtually as We Care for You!

First, The Music!

Last night, we brought you the beautifully moving and LIVE Musical Stations of the Cross! 96 of you tuned in and 38 for the entire performance! Maria and Charlie were spectacular and thanks to Sean and Alan for helping me, too!

Some viewers even wrote to say thank you:

“So beautiful and inspiring. I was longing to be there in the pew. Thank you for doing this, Fr. Jim, Brother Sean, Maria, Charlie, and the host of others behind the scenes.”

“Thank you very much to everyone who made tonight’s Stations of the Cross such a moving and beautiful event. The link to follow along was very helpful.”

“Grateful to Father Jim, Charlie and Maria, Sean, Alan. The singing, as always, was inspirational. I will be watching the replay during Holy Week. God bless you all!”

“I missed this last year because I was traveling for work. I am grateful to Monsignor Jim, Charlie, Maria, and the ministry team for a beautiful, moving and reflective interpretation of the Stations of the Cross last evening and for providing it via Livestream so we can all enjoy it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

If you missed it you can still view it here: www.mysaintMiriam.org/live – scroll down to the Musical Stations!

Download the online version here: https://www.mysaintmiriam.org/wp/2020-musical-stations-of-the-cross/

Now, to Palm Sunday!

While you won’t be with us in person, you can join us Livestream and then swing by to pick up your Blessed Palm Branches!

Father Bryan and Monsignor Jim will be on hand to get the Mass to you with a beautiful rendition of the Gospel Passion, too! If you haven’t already, please send your photo so we can attach it to a pew with all the others and allow our priests to see your faces during Mass! Send to Info(at)mySaintMiriam.org.

Then, there will be a Vase of Palms as well as a few Individually Packaged Palms ahead of time so you can be safe either way! They will be located at the main entrance, right next to the ‘Beggar Christ’ Bronze Statue. Please pick up your palms and pray for the world! Please also be sure to leave your Sunday donation in the box next to the Palms.

Speaking of Donations…

We started strong, but now to put it bluntly, we are failing and badly right now; so badly that I am thinking I may need to find a job back in chaplaincy to make things work for me personally at home. (Yes, that is a huge concern as I need to live and survive, too.) Two parishioners sent me a personal donation, for which I am very grateful, but I cannot live on $150 over two weeks.

So, how bad? This week we received only 5 donations and last night’s wonderful performance of the Musical Stations brought in 0 donations. I worked hard on the design with Charlie for three weeks and I even did the PowerPoint design myself, and our wonderful web designer created an online version. While the applause was loud and appreciated, the financial help was nonexistent.

Please remember that we are all working hard to bring you all the events of Easter! We are all working to feed the homeless with over 1,000 bags a week going out. We make them as fast as the donations are coming in. We are teaching your children weekly. We are planning liturgies and paying bills and cleaning, too. In other words, the work and the ministry of the church is continuing despite few donations. It will not survive at this rate for very long. Please…


In Hope,

Monsignor +Jim

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