Update from Msgr Jim – April 6th, 2020 – Holy Week Message

Dear Friends,

Holy Week is upon us. ‘Do not be troubled and trust in God still’, is a message we all need to hear at this time when so much around us seems confused and dark. I pray my video Message for Holy Week will allow us all to enter this solemn and beautiful week with a renewed sense of hope.

In Service,
Monsignor +Jim

3 thoughts on “Update from Msgr Jim – April 6th, 2020 – Holy Week Message

  1. Beautiful Message – + Monsignor Jim! May God continue to richly bless you and the people of St.Miriam!

  2. That was such a hopeful message! I am not a member of your parish. But, I am am member of your blessed family of Christians. Life for me, right now, is very dark. I have no home, I have no family, I sit for days at a time with only myself to speak to. I have been helped by two churches- one Catholic and one not. But, as will all things, their help was limited. I am alone. But, I am not alone as long as God has hold of me. My faith in all of this has not wavered. And, during this holiest of weeks in our religion, I will hold on to the hope that in my darkness, God will soon show me some light. Thank you for your message. And, God Bless You! For, you do so much for so many and your faith, your light shine so brightly- always!

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