All Saints & All Souls – November 1st, 2020

Honoring Our Past, Praying for our Future

Each year, in November, we honor the Souls who’ve gone ahead to prepare for us, and the Saints who remain in our midst. The Communion of Saints – the living and the dead – are remembered, loved and hoped for.

Join Saint Miriam as we honor the combined solemnities of All Saints and All Souls on Sunday, November 1st 2020 at all Masses with beautiful standing candle tributes. From the floor they will rise toward the heavens in our beautiful Sanctuary and our prayers will ascend with them.

Join us by completing the form online or after all Masses beginning this week!

The Church believes that we all can be saints. In Christ life does not end — it only changes.


13 thoughts on “All Saints & All Souls – November 1st, 2020

  1. Is this the “form” you are referring to? That may be the issue with a lack of response . I would love to have my mother and father included (Leonard and Mary Margaret Perroots), my husbands parents (Jim and Vivian Young) and our grandson, Wallace Rainer Young.

  2. This is the first I heard of the tribute to all saints day. Where are the forms to complete? All this page asks for is my name so can you please mark me down for Saint Michael and Saint Anthony please. I’ll send in a check. Thank you

      1. Thank you WrightBrain. I just saw your reply now. But in the meantime I have sent in a letter with a check. I also miss understood who the prayers were supposed to be for. I thought we had to name saints, and I sent in a check for three saints! lol Oh well, they deserve a few prayers too.
        Intentions were good! 🙂

  3. Memorial Mass for Donna Miniscalco, Florence Miniscalco and Hank Miniscalco we now you watch over us and protect us each and everyday. We miss you all so much. Love you Henry

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