Food “Blessing Bags” Come to Saint Miriam!

Blessing “Food Bags” Come to Saint Miriam! Our food blessing bags are filled with nutritious food and goodies. We introduced these Food bags on Sunday, the 19th of August 2018 and the idea of having a ready bag prepared and ready to hand out to our homeless brothers and sisters was greeted with enthusiasm by the members of our church. The food bags were created by Fr. John Francis in 2011 while a Deacon in California. This bag provides a homeless person with enough food to sustain them for a few days, as well as personal care items, and allows us to help them. The bags also contains Vienna Sausages, Tuna or Chicken packages, water, juice, crackers and peanut butter, and cookies too. Please help us by (1) distributing these bags, and (2) helping with needed supplies! Contact us today by Clicking Here!

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