Sponsor a Child!


Sponsor A Child in Our School, Change a Life…Maybe Your Own!

When you sponsor a child, you create a special relationship between you, a child in need, the community of Saint Miriam, and our team of caring professionals! Together, we are helping to change the future for children through a quality and affordable private education! For just $29 a month, or a one-time donation of only $350, you can provide essential aid and education to improve the well-being of every child that comes to our doors! And, because we actually feed our children during the school day, your donation not only helps give them a good education, you fill their bellies with wholesome food, too! It gives you the opportunity to witness young lives transformed for the future right here in Montgomery County!

Why Does Saint Miriam Still Offer Education When Most Churches Close Their Schools?

Because we believe that every child deserves a quality and affordable education, regardless of their circumstances or where they live; and, we believe it is part of our mission to the world. At Saint Miriam, we offer the community three wonderful educational opportunities, but they come at a cost and in order to keep tuition affordable, we seek sponsorships to allow every child the education they deserve! Your small donation, annually, not only allows us to keep tuition affordable, but also increases our ability to welcome every child that applies, even those with limited financial means. Won’t you please consider sponsoring a child today?

How Many School Opportunities Are There At Saint Miriam?

  • Our Preschool at Saint Miriam: Welcomes children from the ages of 2 – 5 and is celebrating 36 plus years of service!
  • Saint Miriam Academy: Welcomes children ages 6-7 for kindergarten and will add a grade level each year until Grade 6!

How Does Saint Miriam Offset Tuition?

Our educational programs are not only fundamentally sound, but also offer unique learning experiences such as farm-to-table learning, field trips, science classes, music, play, academics, stories, chapel, foreign language, outdoor gardens, and much more. These programs enhance a child’s wonder of our world and promotes an increased love of learning, but it also adds to the cost of providing such an education.

How Does The Saint Miriam Café Help?

Our Saint Miriam Café not only features great food on Sundays, but all the proceeds – every single dollar raised and all donations made – go the benefit the Saint Miriam Academy Scholarship Fund! That’s right! By your using our Café, we actually provide children, who otherwise could not afford a quality, a full private education at our preschool at Saint Miriam and Saint Miriam Academy along with offsetting some of the special events like Nature Jack, Apple Picking, the Pumpkin Patch, our Thanksgiving Luncheon and Breakfast with Santa, monthly Parents’ Night Out, St. Paddy’s with our Daddies, our annual Elmwood Zoo Trip, a Mother’s Day Tea, Strawberry Picking, a new outdoor farm to table planting garden, and so much more! So, you eat and help all of our children by reducing the cost of the education we provide annually! But, more is needed.

What About Stewardship, Supplies, Maintenance, and Other Ideas?

At Saint Miriam, we also use a percentage of our annual stewardship appeal to help offset the cost of doing business within our schools, and wherever we can gain economy of working together, such as through bulk purchase of supplies, shared staff and administration costs, maintenance, volunteers to help paint, clean, etc., and we always look for other ways to reduce costs in all that we do in order to reduce the overhead costs of running a school and still offering a quality education!

But…We Still Fall a Little Short?

Yes, even with all of the above, we still fall a little short. That is where you come in! At Saint Miriam, and within our school systems, “God is always marked present!” Present to be acknowledged. Present to save our students. Present to show the world what a caring Catholic community can do when it works together and sacrifices for the youngest among us! The actual cost per child is $6,200, but they only pay a fraction of that cost in tuition. So please, sponsor a child today, or ask a friend or a neighbor, or even co-worker on your job, to help a child in our school. Let’s get it done! Be a Sponsor!

The Children Pray Every day for Their Sponsors?

Yes! Every donor receives a photo of their sponsored child, and every child learns the first name of their donor. They pray every day for their donor, and at the end of the year, just in time for the annual ‘moving up’ graduation ceremony, the donor receives a hand-written note from their sponsored child inviting them to see what their donation has done in their life! A wonderful way to see your love in action! Become a sponsor today! Please click on one of the links below and watch your love grow in the heart of a child this year!



To sponsor a child on a monthly or yearly basis, please fill out the form below and write in the comments section “Sponsor a Child”

To sponsor a child monthly, $29 with a frequency of “Monthly”

To sponsor a child for a year, $350 with a frequency of “One-Time Gift”