Tommy Conwell Rock Academy

Saint Miriam Welcomes Tommy Conwell Rock Academy!

Tommy Conwell Rock Academy found a home at Saint Miriam! The Academy is a safe, kid-friendly, teen-friendly, everybody-friendly, no-bullying, no-bragging, inclusive, supportive, and empowering organization whose mission is to make accessible to all the joy of playing in a rock and roll band. There are three ways to enroll: private lessons, joining the band, or both.

Private Lessons: Learn guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboard, and vocals from professional musicians with lots of experience playing in rock and roll bands. Learn the way rockers do it: by listening, watching, communicating, and identifying musical patterns. Rock and roll is not about reading music from the staff; it is simpler and more personal than that. It is about taking the elements of one song and recognizing how those elements transfer and can be applied to any number of other songs. In rock music, the connections are endless!

Join The Band: Attend band practice once a week to prepare for our quarter-yearly live show playing the greatest classic rock songs of all time at a real rock and roll venue. Our band will feature our students supported by real rock and roll pros to provide a great sounding, rewarding, authentic rock experience.

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