I am writing early this week because we have so many exciting things going on!
First, I am off to our new retreat center later today to meet with a few contractors and bring up some of the donated furniture from some of you! We will try to get the center open by early fall so that everyone can enjoy it! Please remember that we have a ‘working’ weekend coming up the last weekend of August! Please join is if you can by Clicking Here!
And, our next Cow Share orders must be in by the end of August so get on the wagon for some great beef by Clicking Here! We also welcomed Lydia Wenger to our staff today! Stop by and meet her in our offices! 
Also, we heard parents who are struggling with how to teach their children this fall and work, too! So, we just updated our educational platform through our parish with a brand-new program! Virtual Learning Pointe at Saint Miriam is designed to support eLearning for students K (An in-person class set up to allow for appropriate learning of this age group with guidance including academics, physical development, socialization, task and emotional development.), and 1st to 6th grade! Qualified/screened proctors available to assist students in a facility that is RAVE certified insuring the safety of all. COVID response protocols require all students/staff wear masks, have temperature regularly taken throughout the day, socially distance and workstations sanitized between uses.  Kindergarten students at Learning Pointe will have a space designated for K-only! Students grades 1 to 6 at Learning Pointe at Saint Miriam will have access to two large indoor areas: one designed to support on-line learning, the other to support socialization and enrichment activities. Our 12-acre campus has ample outdoor space for exploring and exercise in addition to two age appropriate playgrounds is available to all students throughout the day. Extended day option from 1PM to 5PM available, too! Wow, huh?  Visit our on either our parish or our school site by Clicking Here!
Additionally, our new Honor and Memorial Wall is designed for everyone who donated chairs and renovation funding! Please see all the details at our website by Clicking Here! We had two more chairs donated yesterday at Mass, so we are excited to bring this project to a close!
Please also consider reading at Mass, even during the pandemic virtually! We have two readers that are on board for a virtual recording this month! Learn more at our website and volunteer by sending me an email!
Also, if you did not yet see it, we are the recipients of a beautifully stunning gift! A 16th century wall sculpture of Jesus is now in our Sanctuary! The very generous gift of a woman who joined us a few weeks ago and decided we are the place she wants to call her spiritual home! I am grateful to her and to God for allowing us to continue to grow and serve. Our home is beautiful thanks to so many of you who give so much!
Finally, during this pandemic time, as always, we have a team working hard behind the scenes to keep us here, vital and alive. Someone once said that they ‘long for the days for all we had to do was care for pancake dinners’! Well, those days are still here and they happened ‘back then’ because of those who care for the worst things of a parish like rumors, and bills, and staff, and worry! It is not easy to keep us going and sometimes we make decisions that some will not agree with; we understand that and are always willing to sit down and give more details, but we will not disparage another human being and we would never harm or try to destroy what we built together. Please know that there are so many of us whom are ‘staying in the water’ even when others choose not to as parish life is oftentimes transitory; people come, people go, but it is those who remain and serve that should be rewarded for their dedication and work ethic. They give and they care; that is very rare today.
I have seen this pandemic at its worst; at the side of the dying and the sick in hospitals, at graveside as I bury them, and I have watched it as it has robbed so many of their stability and health and increased their anxiety. Please, let us not give in to such means within something so wonderful as Saint Miriam. Stay, pray, and return when you are ready, and we will be here, waiting!
I am grateful for our volunteers and board members and staff. I also recognize my own weaknesses, and thanks to God, these fine people help me to become a better person every day! This is what we call a faith journey! We are not perfect, but we strive toward perfection, because one day we will be held accountable for all we did, ‘and what we have left undone’, and I am grateful to be among such fine people – and you – that make up our parish life!
Off we go to see what we can do next! See you Soon!


Monsignor +Jim