Our Programs

GJ5A8124 (1024x683)Toddlers and Twos Program*

Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam is one of very few schools that offer a program for children only 15 months old at the beginning of the school year. For many children, this is the first socialization and “group” play situation away from their families. Sharing, finger plays, crafts, and stories are just a few of the ways we facilitate fun with our terrific toddlers and twos!

While socialization and fun are the primary goals, we go a step further with introduction to the seasons of the year, holidays, weather, colors, shapes, and numbers through singing, dancing, stories and crafts. It is amazing how much they learn while having fun!

*All children in this program must be able to move and walk independently without adult assistance.

Three Year Old Program

In our three year old classroom, our play is structured to introduce readiness skills, such as recognition of letters and numbers. We also reinforce colors, shapes, and extend language and communication skills.

Zion-BreakfastFour Year Old Program

The four year old program is deigned to further enhance your child’s readiness skills. Play takes on a more detailed structure, focusing on both auditory and visual discrimination tasks related directly to the reading experience. Self-initiated activities are balanced with centers specifically geared for skill building ex. music, science, and math. As the year progresses, the group focuses on the formal introduction of reading and writing within a developmentally appropriate framework.

Pre-K Program

The curriculum of this program, while essentially similar to that of the four year old program, specifically addresses the individual needs of the child who may need extra maturational time, or may “miss” the age requirement due to a birthday falling after the (early fall) designated dates.

Program Options, too!

One of the biggest benefits of Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam is our “flex scheduling.” Parents actually have the option of choosing the schedule that works best for their lives, rather than one preset for you by the school! Yes, you read the correctly! Parents may choose to enroll their child in just two days a week, all five days or anywhere in between.  They may also opt for our extended day “Lunch Bunch” program.  Click here for more information.