Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Old Catholic Church? Is it Independent Catholicism? Is there more than one Catholic Church?

Is Saint Miriam Accessible to those persons with disabilities and/or physical limitations?

The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Who runs these independent denominations?

Do the Priests and Bishops associated with Saint Miriam have valid Apostolic Succession?

I Notice that the Bishop of the Diocese also Serves as Pastor at Saint Miriam?

How does the Bishop function as both Bishop and Pastor?

What do we Call a Pastor who is also a Bishop?

May I receive Holy Communion?

What should I expect when I visit? What should I wear?

Why don’t you take a collection? What about money?

What about moral issues? What about women as priests, married priests, gay and lesbians, celibacy, birth control, abortion, and divorce?

What is your Liturgy like to experience?

Are the Sacraments the same as in other Catholic Church traditions?

So, if I attend and I am used to the Roman Catholic Mass…what differences will I notice?

Is Saint Miriam Right For ME?