Special Service and Education/CFF Requested Fee Schedule

It is highly commendable to make a donation to a parish for use of their church for funerals, weddings, baptisms, and other sacraments, as well as educational opportunities.  These stipends are not for the Sacrament itself, but rather donations help offset costs incurred by the parish for facility usage, utilities, insurance, materials, and staff.  The recommended amounts are set forth below.  (Please note: Families in genuine financial distress may discuss this privately with the Pastor.) Please also note that one may become a member of Saint Miriam, but there must be at least a three month interval between the registration, orientation meeting, and event date to receive the member schedule for all stipends, as parishioners tithe and support the parish over time.

Note: Non-Member/Member

The following suggested stipends/fees are based on services rendered by Saint Miriam and her staff.  (In case of financial hardship, all fees may be waived.)

  • Funeral Masses/Services: $525/$325*
    (Includes parish stipend, altar servers, deacon, and planning meeting)
  • Funeral/Memorial Services – Priest Stipend
    (Amount at the discretion of the family for Celebrant, recommended is $200-$300)***
  • Visitation at Parish: $150/$100 (1-2 hours)
  • Wake at Parish (Up to 2 hours prior to Mass/Service Start) $250/$175
    (Includes set up, cleanup/ushers/greeters/coffee service and light fare in Café)
  • Memorial Services: $475/$275
  • Baptisms: $325
    (Multiple baptisms, same family, please contact parish office, but suggested it $175/$100)
  • Confirmations: $150/$50
  • RCIA – $200
    (Fee is Annually for course and materials and is based on 30 sessions)
  • CFF Education and PREPlay: $250 per child, per school year.**
    • Multiple children registered at same time please deduct $50 for each additional child.
  • Weddings include package for Celebrant, and as indicated below:
    • Off-Site Weddings
      • Traditional Wedding ($725)
        (includes a customized wedding ceremony, an initial meeting at the parish, and attendance at ceremony)
      • Traditional Wedding with Marriage PREP ($875)
        (includes ‘Traditional’ above, plus Marriage PREP at parish)
      • Custom Wedding ($850)
        (includes ‘Traditional’ above, plus rehearsal at the parish)
      • Custom Wedding with an off-site Rehearsal ($895)
        (includes ‘Traditional’ above, plus off-site rehearsal at your wedding location)
      • Custom Wedding with Marriage PREP ($1,045)
        (Includes ‘Custom Wedding with off-site’ above, plus Marriage PREP session at parish)
      • Custom Wedding with Marriage PREP (Private Session) ($1,150)
        (Includes ‘Custom Wedding with off-site’ above, plus Marriage PREP session at parish as a one-on-one with priest of your choosing.)
    • Parish Weddings
      • Nuptial (Wedding) Mass: ($2,295/$1,795*)

        (Includes use of setup/cleanup/sanctuary, rehearsal time, bridal room, groomsmen suite, wedding coordinator from booking date through event day, priest, acolytes, and deacon, rehearsal time, coordination with outside vendors.)
      • Wedding Ceremony (Outside of a Mass at the Parish): ($1,795/$1,495*)
        (Includes use of setup/cleanup/sanctuary, bridal room, groomsmen suite, wedding coordinator for day of event, priest, and a rehearsal time [day of prior to start of wedding; other day is added fee], coordination with outside vendors.)
      • Intimate Wedding Gathering: ($595)
        (Includes a private gathering of bride and groom, and priest and/or deacon available with two witnesses and their photographer and small gathering of family (if applicable, not included) at the parish chapel for an intimate wedding ceremony of no more than 15 minutes. The ceremony logistics will be assisted by our wedding coordinator, if added (see below). However, there are no music options for this option.)
  • Music Fees – Funeral/Memorial Services
    • Pianist/Organist: $200
    • Cantor: $150
  • Music Fees – Wedding/Nuptial Mass/Services
    • Pianist/Organist: $300
    • Cantor: $250
    • Bridal Attendant: $150
    • Candles at Pews: $250
    • Ribbons at Pews: $150
    • Added Rehearsal: $150

*Please add music fees to amount; these amounts are paid directly to staff members.

**The Sacramental fee per event is use to offset certificates, books, staff time, coordination, and supplies needed for First Holy Communion and Confirmation

***While no stipend/fee is charged, families often choose to make a gift as a sign of their appreciation for the pastoral services rendered by the presiding priest. In addition to the funeral service itself, this may include wake/vigil and burial services. In funerals without a Mass, a deacon may preside.

For Private Events:

Undercroft Space and Stage Area with AV Equipment: (Capacity 100-125)

$350 – 4 hours no set up/clean up
$450 – 4 hours set up/clean included
$725 – light fare and coffee service/set up/clean up included


Betsy and Walter Diner Room/Library: (Capacity 50)

$175 – 4 hours no set up/clean up
$225 – 4 hours set up/clean included
$525 – light fare and coffee service/set up/clean up included


Sanctuary with AV Equipment: (Capacity 250)

$650 – 4 hours set up/clean included, AV Equipment
$1,025 – light fare and coffee service/set up/clean up included in Betsy and Walter Diener Room (No food or drink in Sanctuary permitted other than water)


Classrooms in School: (Capacity 25-50)

$125 – 4 hours no set up/clean up
$225 – 4 hours set up/clean included
$325 – light fare and coffee service/set up/clean up included

**A Saturday Fee of $100 per event due that ends after 6:00pm to cleaning before Masses on Sundays.