The 2024 Bell Tower Renovation Fund

We Need Your Help To Make This Beauty Thrive!

Our beautiful Bell Tower is in need of repair. We have begun the process but just the scaffolding alone is over $1,500! We need your help to get to the finish line!

There have been Twelve major renovations since the initial core of our church building was raised up and the cemetery dedicated back in 1818! They include:

1861 – Church was Remodeled
1882 – Renovations Completed
1896 – Church was Rebuilt and Updated under renowned Architect Horace Trumbauer and final Cornerstone laid
1901 – Bell Tower Completed and new Bell Installed & Dedicated
1975 – Renovations Completed due to Fire that destroyed the Parsonage
1978 – School Wings Completed and New Stained Glass Installed in Sanctuary
1997 – Sanctuary Renovations Completed
2015 – Saint Miriam Purchases Property!
2016 – Major Renovations and New Electrical Service Completed by Saint Miriam as well as Carpeting, Paint, and new Cemetery Gates along with Exterior and Parking Lot Lighting
2017 – Third Floor Rectory/Friary Built by Saint Miriam and Angels of Assisi Garden Completed
2019 – New Roof installed on Church and Garage and Altar Cross Hung & Dedicated
2020 – Sanctuary Renovations Completed by Saint Miriam
2021 – Sanctuary Outfitted with Iconography and Repainted

You can help us by making a generous donation to our campaign. We will complete the following with your help!

  • Bell Tower sealed from further water damage
  • Lighting Updated
  • Walls repaired
  • Repainting Work
  • Securing the Bell and waterproofing the flooring

Please make your donation or pledge today! You can also spread out your pledge over 6-12 months by using the form located at our website. A link has been provided at the banner on the homepage to make it easy!

Please join us with your serous pledge. We plan to rededicate the Bell Tower by September!

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